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Chest Carry Holster System

When deciding on what holster to buy, there are a few things you should consider first.

Body shape and size will play a pivotal role in you determining which options will be the easiest to conceal, but more importantly, comfortable to carry.  The frame size of your firearm is also incredibly important.  With the launch of numerous single stack pistols, concealed carrying has become much easier to accomplish in recent years.

First off, there are quite a few different styles of holsters you can decide from.  Taco style holsters feature a fold over design that usually occurs over the sights, creating a void for your firearm to pass thru unobstructed.   These are by far the most popular style of OWB holster on the market.  They can be used from everyday carry, to many different competitions in IDPA and USPSA outlets.

There are also pancake style holsters, which utilize a front and back portion of the same material.  These are usually designed for concealed carry, or tight to the body OWB configurations.  The word pancake comes into play, as you stack one portion on top of the other, joining it together with eyelets to create your finished good.  Many of these designs put the attachment points centerline with your firearms frame, others will go 20/80, meaning that 20 percent of the firearm sits behind the attachment points, and 80 percent of it sits on the outside of the attachment points.  This makes more sense when you are looking down the sight channel of your firearm while it is in the holster.  If the sight sits right in the middle, it’s a 50/50 pancake style holster.  The benefit of this style is that most options can be configured for both IWB and OWB carry with just a quick change of attachments.

The other popular holster style is the Hybrid.  When we say hybrid, what we mean is that the holster is made up of more than one type of material.  Many options on the market feature either nylon or leather backers.  These provide a flush surface for the body to rest on, reducing the amount of hot spots when carrying.  The main issue with hybrid holsters is that the nylon or natural materials used to make up half of the system tend to crack, wear, or product foul odors over time.  Nylon materials will absorb moisture and sweat.  Natural made backers such as leather will break in nicely, but eventually will break-down as well.

We set out to make a hybrid backer that was impervious to moisture, wont absorb any liquids or odors of any kind, and can be utilized with many different shells, in a multitude of different configurations.  That is where the Comfortuf 420 material comes into play.  This synthetic blend of polymers feature elastomer properties, allowing the part to bend and flex with the user without compromising the functional integrity of the part.  The material will not scratch or mar the finish of your firearm, and can be cleaned easily with warm water and a wash rag.

In order to deliver to our customers a holster system that is not only comfortable, but extremely modular, we opted for the Hybrid holster.  Built around our system of synthetic holster backers, our EDC Glock package allows for more carry styles than any one holster in production.  Our shell is specific to your firearm, but is universal to the family of backers we have in our disposal.  With our Chest Carry Glock package, you can now carry appendix, SS IWB / OWB, and even on the chest.

Both the holster shell and modular backers feature a variety of mounting options.  You can pinpoint the angle of address by slightly canting the shell on the backer, or you can cant the attachments on the shell if that suits you better.  When configuring it for a chest carry, make sure you cant the holster to the right side as to not impede your natural draw from the chest.  A shell that is configured straight up and down wouldn’t allow you a natural draw, as your face/chin would eventually get in the way.

At this time, our holster system is only available for the Glock 9/40 double stack.


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