MatchPoint USA’s advanced polymer – TufMax 720

MatchPoint USA’s Infinity Belt Loops and Accessory Mounting Plates are made from a proprietary material called TufMax 720.

TufMax 720 features elastomer properties that allow the parts to bend and flex with the user when worn on the belt.

A key feature of this proprietary polymer is that it will remember the last position it was bent and stay that way until forced the opposite direction by the user.

Most injection molded attachments in the industry have a breaking point.  They can show visible signs of wear, lose their shape over time, and when introduced to stress, fail completely.

That is not the case with our Infinity Belt Loops & Accessory Mounting Plates. Even with repeated flexes of the part, you will never see any white nit lines, or visible signs of stress. With the help of precise molding & the TufMax 720 advanced polymer, we are able to reinforce our attachments at the anchor points, while still allowing the part to bend and flex where needed.

 If you have yet to feel the difference MatchPoint’s advanced polymers can provide, do yourself a favor and get your hands on some of our innovative attachments today, you will NOT be disappointed.

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