Triggrcon 2017 – Tacoma Washington

Had a great time at Triggrcon 2017 and wanted to congratulate Rainier Arms and thank them for putting on such a great show.

Unfortunately we missed the range day but were able to get to the Industry & Media meet and greet on Thursday. I had a great time wandering the floor and seeing all the amazing ARs and custom Glocks. Some of the really outstanding booths were Jones Arms, Kinetic Development, and Ghost Gunner.

Tactical Tailer also deserves a mention because of this sweet ride.

Tactical Tailer Buggy

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this guy! If anyone wants to know what to get me for Christmas you can stop looking.

tactical submachine gun

We are definitely thinking about having our own booth next year, it was a really great show. Watch the blog and our social media feeds for upcoming shows and events.

– Cody

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