Infinity Loop – 1.5″ (pair)


Sold as a Pair


  • 30 Degrees of gun rotation
  • Cants forwards or back
  • Over 400lbs of Strength
  • Thousands of Adjustments
  • Made in the USA

The Last Belt Loop you will Ever Need

Take your holster customization options to the next level. With a set of MatchPoint USA’s Infinity Carry Loops you can mount your firearm holster in a variety of different positions and angles to get the perfect fit and the perfect draw every time.

A revolution in belt loop design

Forget having to buy a different holster to experiment with different carry options. MatchPoint USA’s new patent pending Infinity Carry Loop will allow full control and customization when using a belt holster with the correct hole pattern. The Infinity Carry Loop is incredibly strong, lightweight, and slightly flexible to allow comfortable all day carry. With thousands of possible configurations, you won’t ever need another belt loop again.

Features & Benefits

The Infinity Carry Loop is designed from the ground up for customization.

With options for 1 1/2 & 1 3/4 inch belts and our featured proprietary offset you can customize your holster for just about any draw angle, giving you the perfect fit for your sidearm.

Featuring our Tufmax 820 advanced polymer compound, these high strength, lightweight belt loops are as durable as they are flexible. Engineered for toughness they still have flex for all day comfort.

Find the perfect fit for your firearm in any of the classic holstering positions. Cross draw, FBI cants, and straight draws are all easily accommodated along with custom angles.

matchpoint usa infinity loop brochure


matchpoint usa infinity loop brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hole-space measurements?
The holes are drilled exactly 1″ apart from each other.
How much weight can it bear?
We have tested these loops to over 400lbs before breaking.
Are they sold individually or in pairs?
Our Infinity Carry Loops are sold in pairs. Contact us directly for an offset order.
Weight 0.0017 lbs
Dimensions 2.475 × 1.7 × .20 in