Universal Chest Carry System



  • Shoulder Strap and Chest Strap Fully Adjustable
  • One size fits most – Chest strap & shoulder strap are dually adjustable for fine tuning fit.
  • MatchPoint USA’s Ultimate Backer is flexible and will conform to the chest/body upon wear.
  • Ambidextrous – Backer can be positioned at any orientation on the chest.
  • Universal – Compatible with most, if not all, Kydex style holsters with modular attachments. (I.e. Taco, pancake, etc.)
  • No more needing to purchase a holster specific for the chest.  Attach your current holster straight to the Universal Chest Carry System.

Universal Chest Carry System

The Universal Chest Carry System is completely ambidextrous and can be positioned in any orientation on the chest.  The straps can be attached in multiple locations throughout the ultimate backer.  Fine-tune your fit by moving the attached webbing brackets in any direction on the backer.

The Ultimate Backer is attached to the chest via 1.5” woven elastic, and 1” polypropylene webbing.  This setup does not have any stitching.  All the webbing is field-repairable, meaning it uses slip-locks over the standard stitching to keep everything in line.  This enables the system to be far more adjustable than competitive product offerings and gives you the ability to repair in the field if something goes awry. If this happens mid-hunt or hike, you would be left with a holster system that could only be repaired under a sewing machine.  Our stitch-less strap setup will resist this type of failure, and will always have the ability to be repaired in the field.

The woven elastic chest strap is adjustable on both ends.  The polypropylene shoulder strap is also adjustable on both ends.  This allows you to fine tune the fitment of the universal chest carry system.  Also note that because the chest strap features slip locks on each end, we recommend placing the shoulder strap between these two pieces of hardware.  This will keep the strap centered on the back, and resist it from sliding to one of the ends.  Simply move the slip-lock up and down on the webbing to adjust for size.  Once the straps are to size, double back the elastic underneath the slip lock.  This locks it in place and will keep it from changing sizes on you during your activity of choice.

Designed for Customization

In the past, most Chest Carry systems were made for a single gun, in a single carry position. We’ve changed all of that.

Attach any Kydex shell, even ones made yourself or from other brands, and attach it at any angle to the Ultimate Backer with standard Chicago posts and screws. Go farther with your customization and add accessories like magazines, multi-tools, blow-out kits, folding knives, your imagination is the only limitation with the Universal Chest Carry System.

Built for Durability

Comfortuff will not stretch, deform, or fray like traditional leather or nylon materials. You don’t have to worry about having to break in your holster or losing your guns retention because of old leather or frayed nylon.

We engineered Comfortuff to be resilient and durable. This lets holster makers or end users remove and attach hardware hundreds of times to create their own custom creations without having to worry about hurting the material. Easily experiment with different cants, carry positions, and even cross draw with the same holster