UCC Strapping System


For users who already have access to an Ultimate or EDC Pro Backer from MatchPoint USA, we developed this stand-alone strapping system so you can utilize the backer in a chest carry configuration.  Simply attach your Universal Chest Carry Strap System to an Ultimate Backer by using the 3 sets of posts and screws included with the product.  Pick holes that are spaced furthest apart from one another for increased stability on the chest.

The Strap System is designed to be field repairable.  This means that there are no stitches used in the strap system.  If for any reason the system becomes undone or loose during use, it can simply be tightened or re-assembled without any hiccups.

This UCC Strap System uses a single side squeeze buckle that can be released to ease putting on and taking off the straps.  Each strap is dual adjustable, so you can shorten or lengthen it from either side.  Right handed shooters should position the side squeeze buckle on the right hand side, so the shoulder strap is drawn up over the users left shoulder.

Although this strap system can be utilized with other manufacturers holsters, we would suggest using the Ultimate Backer as the mounting platform.  This will ensure that the holster lays as flat as possible on the chest when in use.  Users who attach the strap system directly to a holster may find it difficult for the firearm to lay exactly where they need it to for a quick and safe draw.

*backer is not included in this product

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