TAC-Book Safety Orange


The TAC-Book

The TAC-Book was developed to help secure free-floating gear in a tight, concise and easy to access package.

The TAC-Book utilizes (2) Tac-AMP’s joined together via one-wrap hook and loop, and includes 24 inches of shock cord.  Users can mount items to both sides of a single Tac-AMP, or utilize two plates in a portfolio style booklet, easily mounting hard goods to the outside, and conveniently securing softer goods in between the two plates.  The voids left in the plates are perfect size for Chicago Posts and Screws, but also serve as a grid for weaving shock-cord through as well.

Examples in which the TAC-Book can provide assistance:

First-responders who need to have first aid gear readily available, but not as a main part of the uniform.  For instance, a Law enforcement officer could group all of his first aid supplies onto a TAC-book and leave this to reside in the front pocket of his tac-vest.  The officer will no longer have to reach in blindly to secure a pair of gloves, or scissors.  They will be reassured that all of this free-floating gear is tethered to a 5×3 plate, neatly positioned in their front vest storage pocket.

For individuals who do not tend to carry everyday on the belt, they now have the option to attach a holster to one side of the TAC-Book, and their mag pouches to the other side, making their firearm and all its ammo a quick access option in a pinch.  Leave the TAC-Book in go bag, or ruck sack, or just have it bedside so you can get to it quick.  Just know that all your goods can be attached to it, and it can go wherever you do, with ease.

The TAC-Book is available with either Black or Safety Orange one wrap hook and loop.  This not only gives you the ability to attach multiple Tac-AMP’s to one another, but also helps you easily distinguish safety items, from other various applications.  Safety Orange can carry any gear that you would need in a first aid/ first-responder situation, where as the black color-way is more subdued and can catalog any tactical accessories.

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