Tactical Mounting Plate (Tac-AMP)


Tactical Mounting Plate – Tac-AMP


  • Fits onto plate carriers, tactical vests, battle belts, or bags equipped with PALS/MOLLE webbing straps.
  • 5” x 3” Platform. Tac-AMP can be oriented vertically or horizontally
  • Two plates can nest in the same 1” Molle strap, producing a seamless grid on plate carriers and battle belts.
  • Over 200 mounting holes ready to secure your gear.
  • Pair the Tac-AMP with shock-cord, and easily organize your loose gear in a bag, belt, or plate carrier.
  • Compatible with Chicago Posts and Screws or Shock-Cord.


Designed with the same fixed grid pattern as our Accessory Mounting Plate, the Tactical Mounting Plate or Tac-AMP features over 200 anchor slots on a platform equipped with field repairable slots for attaching to Molle or Pals webbing.  Measuring in at 3” x 5”, the Tac-AMP fits perfectly onto battle belts, plate carriers, tactical vests, and in or outside your favorite tactical bags equipped with specialized molle webbing.

Many holsters on the market today lack the necessary tooling or mounting holes to be able to attach (2) Molle-Loks or Malice Clips to in order to carry in a tactical setting.  We developed the Tac-AMP so that any OWB holster could be carried in any orientation needed for pals or molle applications.  The fixed grid of the Tac-AMP allows you to pinpoint the location of your gear within fractions of an inch.  You even have the ability run Shock-Cord through the voids to create a tethering system for easy to reach, quick access tools.

Instructions: Attach your holster system or accessory to the Tac-AMP before assembling it to your pals/Molle webbing.  Users who assemble the Tactical Mounting Plate to their webbing or backpack prior to attaching the holster system may have trouble fitting the posts behind the plate given the specific tolerances of the part.  It is designed to fit snug on the webbing straps.  When not accompanied with a part that utilizes Chicago posts and screws, weaving shock-cord through the voids will create a quick tethering bungie system, ready to secure gear of all shapes and sizes.

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