R2S – Locking Base & Multi-Mount


The R2S Multi-Mount enables direct attachment of the R2S Cleat to your most needed gear/tools.  With it’s universal design, the R2S Multi-Mount can be attached to breaching tools, Military/LE/First Responder gear, & household/garden/construction tools.  Pair this with the R2S Locking Base, and have a dedicated, Level-2 secured gear catch for whatever items you can think to attach the R2S Multi-Mount & Cleat to.

R2S Locking Base Features:

  • Multiple #8-32 mounting holes – Compatible with all MatchPoint USA attachments.
  • 6 through holes for surface mounting.
  • CNC-Machined from Aluminum Billet; treated with a Black Type III Hard-Coat Anodized finish.
  • 3 spring strengths – Choose your desired release retention.

R2S Multi-Mount Features:

  • Multiple mounting holes, providing 360-degree orientation and direct attachment of the R2S Cleat.
  • Dedicated slots for securing Multi-Mount with strapping systems. (Zip ties, flex cuffs, pipe clamps…) Slots are .5″ wide, spaced 2.5″ apart.
  • Underside features a “V” Channel for seating on rounded or oval faces, as well as flat sections that run the length of each side.
  • CNC-Machined from Aluminum Billet; treated with a Black Type III Hard-Coat Anodized finish.
  • Ambidextrous – Can be configured for LH or RH carriage.

R2S Cleat Features:

  • 5x #8-32 threaded mounting holes.

Hardware Included:

  • R2S Cleat
  • 2x #8-32 Phillips Flat Head Screws
Patent & Trademark #:
Patent No. 10,222,172
Patent No. D 695,870
Patent No. D 685,051
Reg No. 5,328,385

*Please Carry Responsibly. Great care should be used when holding, storing, or transporting firearms while using the R2S System from MatchPoint USA. A chambered firearm with an exposed trigger is a potential hazard to the user and those around them.

Available on backorder

Rapid Retention System R2S

MatchPoint USA is excited to announce our partnership with Bad Company Tactical and the release of the patented, state of the art Rapid Retention System, the R2S.

This light-weight, lockable, and incredibly durable retention system allows for unmatched speed when accessing your equipment, and adds level-2 retention security to whatever items are attached to the patented equipment catch system.

We are diligently developing and preparing the release of the all new R2S Rev2. The highly anticipated Rev2 version will consist of an upgraded CNC machined aluminum billet base plate. This new base plate will have additional 8-32 threaded holes for even more mounting options including through holes positioned on the corners giving you the ability to attach the R2S base plate to your favorite Accessory Mounting Plates, belt, and MOLLE attachments.

Compatible with the picatinny rails on your firearm, the R2S Rev2 system will first be made available for pistol & top rifle assemblies, giving you level 2 security when holstered, & quick-smooth drawing on a multitude of weapon platforms. Soon to follow will be mounting interfaces to support additional equipment such as magazines and breaching tools.

If you would like first-hand information on the R2S Rev2 status or other MatchPoint USA products, please contact us online at sales@matchpointusa.com or call us at (360) 631-7594.

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