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No Pocket No Problem | {NP}2 – XL


No Pocket is designed to securely hold devices ( smartphone, camera, binoculars, insulin pump, Epi-pen, wallet, tablet, books, field guide, sunglasses etc.),  as well as provide easy access while on the go……walking, hiking, theme parks, hunting, traveling, working or in the garden or around the house. The No Pocket attaches to belts, loops or bars by its long Velcro strap. It can also be directly attached to the waistband by it’s NP Clip. Each No Pocket is shipped with a waistband clip attached.



These Multifunctional pouches, are durable and made of a waterproof fabric and heavy duty Velcro strapping. This strapping allows it to easily attach to belts, waistbands, loops, handlebars etc. The No Pocket is designed to securely hold devices (smartphone, work supplies, camera, insulin pump, Epi-pen, sunglasses, water bottle, binoculars, field guides etc.),  as well as provide easy access while on the go …..walking, hiking, visiting theme parks, hunting, traveling, at work, in the garden or just around the house. In addition to the Velcro strapping, the No Pocket also comes with a removable clip that allows the No Pocket pouch to be worn directly on a waistband.


  • Extra Large Size – 6 3/2″ x 5 1/2″
  • Adjustable Velcro straps that adjust for size and security.
  • Constructed of Taslan, a water-proof, durable fabric for protection.
  • Designed with an inside pocket for your ID, license, credit card, money or keys .etc….
  • Personalization available (i.e. company logo), contact us directly for pricing.
  • “NP Clip” is included with each No Pocket. It allows attachment of No Pocket directly to waistband without the use of a belt, loop or hook. One size fits all NP sizes.

Black, Camo