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Infinitely Customizable
Multiple Carry Positions
Proprietary High Tech Polymer
Completely Ambidextrous
Proudly Made in the USA

Any cant, any draw position

One Holster, Any Angle

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IWB Carry Backer

A new paradigm in concealed carry. The MatchPoint USA IWB Holster backer is perfect for making custom holsters, replacing expensive and unhygenic leather and textile backers. The lightest, most comforatble holster material on the market.

One backing plate, thousands of components

The 100% Modular IWB Carry Backer from MatchPoint USA is the most comfortable, durable and hygienic concealed carry backer on the market. The mesh grid allows sweat proof breathability along with a variety of angles to mount your firearm and accessories.

matchpoint usa carry backer is better than leather or textiles

A better way to carry

The Universal Carry Backer eliminates multiple problems associated with leather and textile holsters. The biggest benefit for concealed carry is the absolute lack of tell-tale printing that alerts the presence of your firearm to others. Deformation that is often seen in leather and textile holsters has also been addressed, no more breaking in your holster or wearing it out. The Universal Carry Backer will not break, warp, deform or sag.

Our incredibly strong, lightweight Comfortuf 850 material is tough enough to give you a secure fit, while also being flexible enough to form to your body, giving you all day comfort. The mesh pattern allows a variety of accessories to be attached to the backing plate while also providing airflow, taming foul odors and perspiration. The Universal Carry Backer from MatchPoint USA is a revolution in IWB carry, you owe it to test one today. To find out more visit us online at

Features & Benefits

  • High Strength
    Incredible Tensile Strength
  • Light Weight
    Barely noticeable
  • Flexible
    Bends to form to your body
  • Adjustable
    Thousands of combinations
  • Ambidextrous
  • Works with any holster
    Engineered to avoid hot spots

Unparalleled Versatility

In the past most IWB carry backers were made for a single holster, MatchPoint USA has changed all of this. A revolution in concealed carry, the Universal Carry Backer can hold just about any half shell holster in the world, in any carry position, for both left and right hand users.

matchpoint usa infinite carry loop in a straight draw carry
matchpoint usa infinite carry loop in a FBI Cant carry
matchpoint usa infinite carry loop in an extreme cant
matchpoint usa infinite carry loop in cross draw carry
matchpoint usa holster carry backer dimensions

Find your perfect draw angle

Find the perfect fit for your firearm in any of the classic holstering positions. Cross draw, FBI cants and straight draws are all easily accommodated along with custom angles.

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